Ki Meditation Foundations Bootcamp: Oct 1

Kickstart great habits for a stress-reduced, more energy filled you

A boot camp for meditation? That seems so backwards!

Developing a strong mind is the same as building a strong body. It takes the right process and a commitment to creating the right habits.The Vancouver Ki Society’s meditation boot camp teaches you the foundations of Ki meditation, a powerful, active meditation you can carry throughout your life. We then teach how to apply it to improve your life and give you a community to build your meditation practice with.

Develop a Calm Mind and a Healthy Body

We teach and practice:

Mind and body unification – Learn to use your mind and body together. Consistent practice cultivates a strong mind that can relax, remain positive and persevere regardless of circumstance or environment.
Breathing exercise and meditation – Combine deep relaxed breathing with deep calmness to improve your physical and mental health.
Movement- Move with relaxation and good posture. Improve range of motion, flexibility, and learn how to apply natural posture to daily activities.
Applications in daily life – The value of this program is realized when applied to life's many activities: work, play, rest, family and relationships.

Meditation Boot Camp

When: Sunday, Oct 1, 9 AM to 4 PM
Where: The Vancouver Ki Society,#104 – 11031 Bridgeport Rd, Richmond BC
Cost - $47 per person

Current students are encouraged to join for free.

This program is suitable for adult students of all physical abilities. Dress comfortably and bring a pen and notebook to take notes.

Please bring your lunch or join us for sandwiches for a small additional fee.

Having problems signing up or want to pay offline? Email us at

October 1, 2017
Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Richmond Dojo
Suite 104
11031 Bridgeport Road
Richmond, British Columbia V6X3A2 CA

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