Ki Meditation Foundations Bootcamp & Seminar with Tabata Sensei

A boot camp for meditation? That seems so backwards!

Developing a strong mind is the same as building a strong body. It takes the right process and a commitment to creating the right habits.

The Vancouver Ki Society’s meditation boot camp teaches you the foundations of Ki meditation, how to apply it to improve your life, and gives you a community to build your meditation practice with.

This program includes a full day seminar with Tabata Sensei, Chief Instructor of the Northwest Ki Federation and one of the top meditation and Kiatsu instructors in the world. 

Develop a Calm Mind and a Healthy Body

We teach and practice:

Mind and body unification – Learn to use your mind and body together. Consistent practice cultivates a strong mind that can relax, remain positive and persevere regardless of circumstance or environment.

Breathing exercise and meditation – Combine deep relaxed breathing with deep calmness to improve your physical and mental health.

Health exercises - Move with relaxation and good posture. Improve range of motion, flexibility, and learn how to apply natural posture to daily activities.

Application in daily life – The value of this program is realized when applied to life's many activities: work, play, rest, family and relationships.

Meditation Boot Camp

When: 6 weekly classes starting Thursday, January 11th

Tabata Sensei Seminar: Sunday, Feb 4

Cost - $150 for the program

Two locations to choose from:


New Westminster

#104 – 11031 Bridgeport


6:30 to 8:30 PM

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Anvil Centre, 4th Floor

777 Columbia Street

6:00 to 8:00 PM

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This program is suitable for adult students of all physical abilities. Dress comfortably.

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