Ki-Aikido Foundation Bootcamp & Weekend with Tabata Sensei!

Reduce stress while exercising your mind and body

Learn the foundations of Ki Aikido

Ki Aikido is the martial art application of meditation.  Strength comes from using mind and body as one, not body alone, and leading our opponent’s Ki. 

Ki Aikido teaches tools to apply throughout your life to:

 - Develop focus confidence, and a strong mind
 - Manage stress, conflict and pressure
 - Improve energy levels and performance throughout your life

This 6-week boot camp provides a great workout for mind and body through the foundations of Ki Aikido.

We teach and practice:

Mind and body unification – Learn to use your mind and body together to cultivate a strong mind that can relax, remain positive and persevere.

Breathing exercise and meditation – Combine deep relaxed breathing with deep calmness to improve your physical and mental health.

Application in daily life – The value of this program is realized when applied to life's many activities: work, play, rest, family and relationships.

Ki Aikido – Apply mind and body unification to martial art. Improve range of motion, flexibility, and learn how to handle the unexpected in daily life. 

Includes a weekend seminar led by one of the world’s top instructors

After learning the basics, join us for a full weekend (Feb 3 and 4) of training with Tabata Sensei, Chief instructor of the Northwest Ki Federation and one of the world’s top instructors.  This seminar will include Ki Aikido, applications of meditation to daily life and personal Kiatsu, the art of improving your natural healing processes.

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When: 6 weeks starting the week of January 8th

Two locations to choose from:


Richmond Oval

#104 – 11031 Bridgeport

Monday & Thursday

7:00 to 9:00 PM

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6111 River Road

Tuesday & Thursday

8:30 to 10:30 PM

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Cost - $200 for the program

As Ki Aikido focuses on strength of mind, not body, this program is suitable for adults of any physical ability. 

If you have any problems with the online signup, please register by clicking this link to email us.